Market situation

Electrical drive for vehicles is a forward-looking technology.

Electric vehicles are low-emission and therefore they save resources. This represents a major contribution to inhibiting climate change and promoting environmental protection.

More than this, though, they also incorporate a smart power supply arrangement whereby vehicles’ batteries will be used to place power in store when it is being generated plentifully; their capabilities for feeding back into the grid will enhance the grid’s stability.

Although the first generation of electrical cars were not yet able to encompass such feedback options, we are now on the threshold of smart charging logic systems.

Our mission

We supply products for smart charging communication between the vehicle and the charging point.

Products consist of a software stack compliant with ISO-15118 and DIN-70121, and the corresponding hardware.

Auronik is a leading market provider of a hardware/software solution that is compliant with standards. The software stack is being continuously re-developed and upgraded to the latest standards.

In our test house, we provide testing for control units to ensure compliance with ISO-15118 and DIN-70121.

Our range of services

  • We support you in your development of solutions for e-mobility.
  • We offer you, as our partner, our hardware/software solution as the mode of connection to your output electronics in the interests of developing charging points compliant with standards.
  • On your behalf, we develop test cases or we produce test case automation for the verification of your ISO-15118 and DIN-70121 compliant controllers and charging points.
  • We combine forces with you in working on the standardisation of e-mobility.


Design and development of a Volkswagen demonstrator for smart charging communication based on the ISO/IEC-15118 standard.

Supply of hardware and software for smart communication between the charging point and the vehicle for Volkswagen Demonstrator EVS26 Los Angeles, USA (vehicle and charging point).

The EVA-Com product comprises a data drive for standard-compliant communication via PLC with in/out coupling on a PWM signal and a communication software stack on a separate PC which is connected to the hardware via an RJ45.

EVA-Charge– which is a further development of EVA-Com - offers an integrated embedded processor and connection to the power output electronics.