Market situation

At company level, the quality of software systems is acquiring ever-increasing significance, and ever-greater efforts are being made in order to achieve fault-free quality to the highest possible degree.

However, there can be no room for errors in the complex development of embedded software systems. By now, testing has become an activity in its own right, whereby development will account for as much as 30-40% of a total budget for software.

In the same way as software development, testing is also a process based on planning preparation, practical action and evaluation, after the event, of the outcome of input and output characteristics. Development and test operations are planned on the basis of the V model, and in that context they are activities of equal status that correspond to each other.  

Our mission

Auronik's test department boasts a highly qualified team of ISTQB certified test managers, test engineers and software testers.

To our customers from the field of automotive, rail and telecommunications, we offer software validation from the stage of module testing through to acceptance testing in conjunction with the V model.

Thanks to our skills and the presence of our sites close to the main automobile manufacturers and their providers, we are a recognised partner for proven collaboration with our clients' test departments.

Our range of services

Test management, planning and control

  • Resources, test environment, tools
  • Test strategy, milestones, metrology systems, risks

Test analysis and design

  • Identification of test requirements and the covering of requirements
  • Preparation and prioritisation of logic test cases and infrastructure

Test implementation and execution

  • Preparation and execution of specific test cases in the subsidiary areas of integration testing, system testing, test runs and acceptance tests

Test evaluation and reporting

  • Test report, logging errors, error/deviation management
  • Preparation of metrology systems, corrective measures

Test completion

  • List of outstanding points, “lessons learned”

Technologies and tools

  • DOORS, Perforce, ClearCase, MOST, CAN, CANoe, CAPL, clients' own flash, trace and automation tools,  VAS testers, Optolyzer, BluePirat, etc.


More than that: with Volkswagen's Test Center Infotainment domain, we cover testing tasks for miscellaneous functions.

Our teams validate the infotainment systems currently employed and those still in the process of development with Korean automobile manufacturers Hyundai/Kia.

For the development of a video based driver support system with Audi, relevant objects (such as traffic signs, vehicles, pedestrians) are manually designated on the picture in video data recorded in test runs and given preset attributes.

We operate compatibility and database tests in the field of HMI, navigation, MAP and TMC for other companies in the service sector and in IT.